Бревно оцилиндрованноеLogs cylindered — environment and the highest quality of modern construction.

The dream of owning your own house in our time has become a reality for many people. You can build a house of bricks, concrete blocks, as well as other materials. To date, the choice of material is very wide, but most ecological material is not large and comfortable country house is real wood. Very popular in the ancient buildings — русском стиле из бревна оцилиндрованного. These structures are made by key, by customer design.

The material for timber rounded, mainly pine. The length of the pine 30 meters and more, it depends on the location, where the tree grows. Pine, of construction machine rounded logs, has a density of 500kg/m3, has excellent dimensional stability.
Diameter logs all the same, processed in a, Profile logs depends on, machine on which it was handled.

Production of round logs the following:
1.Lumber, antiseptic, to sort out their diameter, diameter saw logs usually more than willing to 20mm.
2.Lumber, last sort machined.
3.After, like a log will visit otsilindrovachnom machine, they cut out the details for the building chain and circular saws.
4.Handle parts with a cup-shaped corner connection.
5.All machined finished parts for the building are packed and transported to, building where it will be collected.
The logs are specially processed from fungus, dry well, treated with a special antiseptic, of biodegradable, which is not harmful to human health.

Packed in standard 30-40 m3.
This type of wood is durable, has a beautiful color, and has wonderful antibacterial properties, whose beneficial effects on the health of people living in the building has been known since antiquity. Timber extraction is carried out only in clean areas, where the main standard is selected only the best quality logs. These logs have a minimum percentage of shrinkage, keeps the heat inside the building. Very sturdy and durable material.

The construction of this material is not a verified age, all technologies are unchanged, only upgraded to modern standards. Это очень экономичное строительство, can save up to 30% over the construction of the usual sand-lime brick.

Of round logs to build not only a good home, and baths, sauna, Bowers, lodges, outbuildings. Looks great the whole complex of buildings designed in this style.