Дизайн – проект фасада здания
When making almost any facade of the house needs to design — project. One can, certainly do without it, If you decide to build a simple «box». But for the most beautiful and unique homes, drawing up design — facade project is vital.

In the preparation of design — facade project developed, taking into account the architectural features, drawings and by selecting the most suitable coating and painting. Based on drawings, in some cases, to order the necessary elements are made of ceramics, natural stone, architectural concrete, gypsum. The final element of the design project of the facade is its real picture with all the design features.

Design projects facades are executed in a variety of techniques. Such as plaster, combined — plaster with the addition of the ceramic elements, natural stones — Granite, Marble and limestone, combined — Bright ceramic and granite, and architectural stone.

The main criteria for selection of a character finishes, as a rule, are performance, architectural features, longevity. In the case of high-quality technology requires an update painted stucco facade after 6-8 лет.

Lately, built intractable counting the number of houses, who do not have their own individual architectural appearance. Monotony and typically leads to depression and causes depression in many people. These houses are not popular in the property market.

Also recently there was a lot of variety of finishing materials for facades. Adhering to the concept of durability built house, as well as the application of environmentally friendly materials, need three types of materials. This granite, Marble and limestone. Granite is very good for durability. But at the same time, it is questionable environment and also quite expensive. Its optimal use for decorating caps and steps. Marble and limestone not the more durable.

Using linings, builders have highlighted the individual hosts and expressive architectural appearance of the house. In this connection,, do not neglect not only the quality of the materials used, but their number. In the final analysis, this will further increase the profitability of home, improve its cost, and improve its «trade» view.

But equally important activity is interior turnkey offices. This is a rather complex matter, Because it is necessary to create the appropriate working conditions interior. So you should consult a professional designer, who will be able to develop the necessary design project, and professionals to implement it.