Какие окна долговечнее деревянные или металлопластиковые?
Windows must withstand snow, Rain, strong winds, and in the summer the scorching sun. In wet areas, they have to withstand the hot humid air. A wash and use detergents and natural, they should be retained as long as possible.

Metal-plastic windows butt age slowly. They are resistant to weather conditions. They retain their original color. And what would the white profiles are not yellowing in the raw pigment is added - titanium dioxide. The durability of wooden windows affects the location profiles. Profiles made of glued slats and with mutually perpendicular arrangement of fibers. Tolerate changes in temperature and moisture conditions. Problem areas are the joints, slots and edge profiles. Dear oak windows will turn black and damaged by insects if they are made of sapwood, and not through the cores drevisinы. If pine windows installed on the south façade will be badly treated, Wood will trickle resin. Window is covered with a water-based paint, varnish, acrylic impregnated. These drugs pose an elastic shell. Profiles can be closed from the outside aluminum trim. Порошковое покрытие может быть любого цвета из палитры. They are easy to restore. Only need to paint the inside.

Skylights are covered by a layer of polyurethane. Таки окна можно устанавливать во влажных помещениях. Регулярная реставрация и уход позволяет сохранить окна в хорошем состоянии десятки лет. Plastic windows before winter cover drug, designed to avoid. Twice pa need to wash windows. Use a special detergent and lotion. They occur in the pores and prevent water vpitaniyu. Once a year, you need to lubricate the seals with glycerin or silicone grease, and accessories wipe machine oil.