Книжные полки: современное прочтение
Remember interior virtually any apartment in the XX century: carpet on the wall, carpet on the floor, massive sofa and always - a rack in the wall, crammed rows of dusty books. At the same time standing next to a chair pushed through with a standard lamp, gives hope, that the books in the house, not only for the species. Modern passion for minimalism and free space does not allow to put such bulky cabinets. But the book store somewhere you need! Especially for fans of reading and designers are inventing new forms of bookshelves.

Traditional straight board - it is no longer relevant. Looks much more attractive shelf with smooth curved edges, in the form of a spiral, tile or wood. These shelves are not only doing their immediate task, but also easily fit into the interior. К тому же, they have not necessarily in the book series, can be folded and bulk, that will create the illusion of artistic disorder. Small trinkets and vases also will find their place of residence, and will be pleasing to the eye.

If a lot of books, and one shelf is not enough, you can choose various options for shelving units. They also have a smooth line and aerial structures, that allows you to see the content from virtually any corner of the room.

Material for the shelves can be not only wood, and plastic, metal. Of course, use of wood more justified there, where you need to create great designs, for example, in the manufacture of shelving units. But little plastic shelves will not cause much harm the ecological situation at home. But they can be used as a whimsical and unique decorations for walls, absolutely any shape and color.

The desire to create a multi-functional furniture and touched this, it would seem, elementary object environment, as a bookcase. Now this place, where you can not only keep books. Modern design shelving units can be used as a separator of space and allocation of separate zones in the room. Place storing books can be combined with spot reading, created for that special chairs and tables. Opt for this design, you can always be assured, what you want is a book or magazine will be on hand, when you want them to look through.

Главное, aspire designers, off the shelf like to take the book and read, and not only wipe dust. With our intensive lifestyle things should be bright and unusual, to attract attention. And there are strange and weird at first glance Interior, which are quite elementary bookshelves on closer examination.

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