Реставрация окон
Для того, to wooden window does not spoil, does not swell, and remained strong and durable for a long time, sometimes it is necessary to restore, namely — paint and brush.

Cleaning and painting of wooden windows is able to extend their life and make them waterproof. For the restoration of old windows must be selected warm season, as to, that would bring them into their proper condition must be removed.

The first, what to do, когда происходит реставрация окон — it gently, without damaging the glass, remove the window frame with loops.

Next, you must also carefully remove the glass from the frame. To do this, use a thin sharp object, by which one could bend «shpatiki», which presses the glass to the frame. When the glass is removed, it must be thoroughly cleaned using detergent and dry completely.

Before proceeding to the staining of the frame, it must be cleaned of old paint. For this we can use this tool, как «anti paint». The tool must be applied to the frame and leave for a while. As a result, the old paint or dissolve on their own, or depart from a tree.

After, as a man completely clean off old paint, he should make, that all the constituent elements of the window are in satisfactory condition. If the frame has gaps or simply shaken, it can be strengthened by means of screws or special brackets.

Further, a person must spend the next important stage of the restoration of wooden windows. This putty. It should use for, so you can use it was repaired cracks and crevices. After, as the frame is processed, excess putty should be removed with sandpaper.

The final stage of the restoration of the window is a primer. It should be carried out after, as a layer of putty to dry completely. On the window frame is necessary to put a thin layer of primer and wait until it dries. After this, one must paint in the color of window, who thought in advance.

When the restoration process is complete window, must be bolted canopies, which had previously been lubricated.

Inserting a window into the window opening, People can use silicone sealant or order, чтобы провести утепление окон. If a person has a choice, that specifically use, Silicone is a suitable material is, because after drying it becomes completely transparent. Must be treated silicone that part of the frame, which will be in contact with the glass. After, as silicone is applied, a person must put to him the glass, slight pressure and apply another layer of material. Next, you need to nail the frame «shpatiki», which will insure the glass from falling out.